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Our Story

Dates are a staple in the Middle East, providing great taste and excellent nutritional value for millions of people who enjoy them every day. They come in many varieties that include sweet, moist, crunchy, and all delicious in their natural glory.

Growing up in the Middle East, dates have been a part of our childhood and they are still with us today. We were spoiled with the different types of dates that we could choose. As children, we never realized the nutritional value that dates offered, we only cared about their great taste.

We didn’t realize until after moving to Canada that dates could not be found everywhere like in our home country. We were not thrilled with the sub-standard, overpriced dates that were available. So we felt it was time that the good people of Canada got the opportunity to enjoy what we were spoiled on as kids. We started bringing in delicious dates from our home country and served them to our friends, and viola! Masa Dates came into being!

We invite you to try what we’ve been spoiled on as children, delicious dates that are also loaded with nutritional value. Discover the snack of choice for millions of people >